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“Better efficiency and driver well-being”

Windscreen repair and replacement specialist Mr Windscreen sees ‘coverage’ as a key ingredient to its success on the market. Its 17 branch outlets nationwide, showcasing the latest in calibration technology, give it a larger footprint than any of its rivals. But coverage doesn’t stop there – in this business, a mobile service is indispensable, and in Mr Windscreen’s case this comprises over 80 vehicles.

That means a lot of management time to ensure vehicles are running to maximum efficiency. And that’s where MotionMetrics’ FleetMetrics tool has benefited the company since deploying it last year.

Over to Managing Director Gerry Fitzgibbon. “At a glance we can see the routes travelled by our entire fleet over the previous three months. As well as providing a comprehensive audit trail, it also allows us to determine which elements of our fleet may be operating sub-optimally – and for us that can mean a lot to the bottom line.”

“The system also gives us valuable insights into how long jobs on-the-road are taking, which in turn means we can refine our job planning. That improves customer satisfaction – being able to give an accurate arrival time makes a huge difference to a driver in distress at the roadside! If we do receive a complaint from a customer, we can easily verify when a unit was actually at the desired location.”

Alongside enhanced service to its customers, Mr Windscreen have found the Motion Metrics tool has raised standards of driver behaviour, which has led to fewer accidents and a welcome reduction in the annual fuel bill. Data such as speed, acceleration, braking, gears, etc. can be communicated with a view to encouraging more efficient driving. Should a driver be found to be engaged in poor or reckless driving, an automatic alert can be sent.

Following on from the successful implementation of FleetMetrics, the company promptly opted for the complementary CheckMetrics tool, which assists with the maintenance of its fleet. Specifically, it provides vehicle health reports based on current legislative requirements, and these can be customised depending on the type of vehicle.

Drivers can conduct inspections of their own vans using a mobile app to ensure compliance with company policy. Using video and/or still imagery, they can communicate defects through to HQ, where full sight of checks and defects across the fleet is instantly available to the fleet manager. Improved safety and compliance have been the key benefits of CheckMetrics.

One year on, Fitzgibbon sums up Mr Windscreen’s experience of working with the MotionMetrics telematics solution: “”For us, the flexibility of the MotionMetrics platform was very appealing. With so many vans on the road, we foresee real bottom-line benefit in utilising more of the modules as our fleet demands grow. I see it as a tool to help ensure our future competitiveness and driver well-being at the same time.”



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