VisionMetrics making sense for the SME

For many, telematics is still seen as the preserve of larger organisations, where a dedicated fleet manager is charged with squeezing every ounce of efficiency from a fleet comprising dozens of vehicles. In reality, telematics covers a broad range of solutions, and the flexibility of MotionMetrics ‘a la carte’ offering means it can benefit companies of all sizes and hues. 

With two outlets in Cork and another in Waterford, Keyfast is one of the foremost providers of locksmith services in the Munster area, serving the home, car and commercial sectors with a 24-hour emergency service.

Be it lost or broken house keys or keys locked in a vehicle, much of the work carried out by the Keyfast team of specialists takes place at the owner’s home or by the side of the road. Thus its mobile units are a fundamental part of the Keyfast offering, and the efficient operation of its vehicle fleet has a bearing on the overall profitability of the business.

The company has been using VisionMetrics vehicle CCTV from the MotionMetrics suite of telematics products – to great effect, according to Manager Jim Kirwan: “What began as a straightforward tool for monitoring our fleet has evolved into something that is delivering benefits across our organisation.”

“First and foremost, it gives instant reassurance that our vans are where they are supposed to be, in real-time. With multi-camera CCTV we even get a 360 view right around the vehicle. In the event of an incident we can rely on this footage to submit a First Notice Of Loss (FNOL) with our insurers and ultimately determine where liability lies. Believe me, that’s a real comfort to anyone in charge of a vehicle fleet these days. It also helps keep our insurance premia down.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the effect the system has had on our drivers. We’ve used the footage to inform and enliven our driver training programmes, and driver behaviour has improved as a result.  With that has come a reduction in claims. Far from fearing the system, our staff have embraced it. As responsible, well-trained drivers, they feel protected by the way VisionMetrics documents their driving, especially if there is an accident.

“The end result is a not just a safer, but a happier, team of drivers, and that’s been a real plus.”

In an effort to improve efficiencies further, and buoyed by the initial success of VisionMetrics, Keyfast now plans to trial other MotionMetrics products.

In a business where the clock is also always ticking as another customer awaits rescue at the roadside, Jim appreciates the simplicity of the Motion Metrics system, in particular its ‘One system, One Screen’ promise: “Other systems we looked at were off-putting, as they required us to move in and out of various programmes depending on what data we were seeking. With MotionMetrics you have all the information you need at a glance.”



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